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The Good Shepherd

Directed by Robert De Niro. Dean Parker was assistant composer to Bruce Fowler composer and orchestrator.

Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon in "The Good Shepherd".


The Cry

Directed by Bernadine Santistevan. The story of the Latino curse of La Llorona. Set in New York City. Premiered in New Mexico USA 2006.

Kate Blumberg in "The Cry".

Music from "The Cry"  La Llorona  The Cry  Beneath (RAP artist Vance Bradford.)


Anne B. Real 

Anne B. Real is the hip-hop story of a young girl who finds her voice and inspiration through reading the Diary of Anne Frank.

Cynthia (Janice Richardson) is a young girl who tries to ease the pain of loneliness, shyness and ghetto life by hiding in her diary. In her mind, she's a star - but in life, she's invisible, unavailable, buried under a pair of headphones, and battling her own insecurities.

Her brother Juan (Carlos Leon) is supporting his drug habit by stealing Cynthia's diary and selling the lyrics to a rapper named "Deuce, "(Eric Smith).

DVD cover "Anne B. Real".

Carlos Leon as "Jaun" and Janice Richardson as "Cynthia".

  Film festival poster "Anne B. Real".


ABFF WINNER! Best Performance by an Actress, Janice Richardson

The Santa Monica Film Festival Los Angeles, CA, USA WINNER! THE BEST DRAMATIC FEATURE AWARD



Music from the film  Brother Sister  Reflection

Original music score performed by The Manhattan Chamber Orchestra conducted by Richard Clarke.


The Unseen 

When Roy Clemens returns to his rural hometown of Haralson, Georgia (population 83) for his fatherís funeral, he inherits the family store and a mess of skeletons in the closet.

Gale Harold as Harold.

Steve Harris as Roy and Shirley Caesar as Mama Jack.

Judah Friedlander as Earl and Daisy McCracken as Veronica.

Music from the film  Green Grass  Lucille Belle  Mr. Meticulous

Original music score performed by Bill Kelly on mandola, Jon Paris on harp, Tim Carbone on violin and Dean Parker on guitar.


Ties That Bind 

A short film directed by Mike Dolan.

Mike Dolan pictured in character for "Ties That Bind".

Music from the film  Fall Park


Intolerable Cruelty 

Music composed by Carter Burwell and engineered by Michael Farrow. Dean Parker produced the music score at Right Track Recording (New York, NY). The music was mixed in Carter Burwell's studio The Body in New York City.

CD booklet "Intolerable Cruelty".


The Nanny Diaries

Music score composed by Mark Suozzo and recorded in London at Abbey Road. Dean Parker assisted Mark Suozzo in New York and London.

Mark Suozzo conducts in Studio 2 at Abbey Road.


The Alamo 

Michael Farrow engineered the recordings and the mix. Recorded at Right Track 509 New York and mixed at The Body New York. Dean Parker assisted Carter Burwell and Mike Farrow.

Michael Farrow's setup at Right Track 509 for "The Alamo".


Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

Recorded at Clinton Recording New York May 2007. Sandra Park was the orchestra contractor, Tony Finno the copyist and Adrian Grace the assisting copyist, Michael Farrow the recording engineer. Dean Parker assisted Carter Burwell.

Producer Brian Linse, director Sidney Lumet and composer Carter Burwell during recording sessions on "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead" in New York.


Searching For Paradise - Directed by Myra Paci and music composed by Carter Burwell and music engineered by Dean Parker.

Moving Gracefully Toward The Exit - Directed by Patrice Regnier music composed by Carter Burwell and music engineered by Dean Parker.

A Knight's Tale - Directed by Brian Helgeland. Recorded at Air Studios London and mixed by Michael Farrow at The Body New York. Dean Parker assisted engineer Mike Farrow.


Simone - Directed by Andrew Niccol. Dean Parker assisted Carter Burwell.

Carter Burwell and Dean Parker during recording of "Simone" at National Edison Studio New York (Photo by Adam Smalley.)


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