The Cry

Released in 2011. "The Cry" CD score produced by Howlin' Wolf Records, Dean Parker and Bernadine Santistevan. Distributed by Howlin' Wolf Records and available from Howlin' Wolf and other distributors.


Suburban Metaphysical

Dean Parker wrote, recorded and performed these songs during the period 1989 through 1996. The acoustic guitar and vocal tracks were recorded in one day, same with the electric guitar and vocal tracks. The songs arranged with a band and electronic instruments were normally recorded in a night. The 1990 release "Captain Blood and The Imperial Scourge" was a true rogue recording. Defying the technical and promotional odds he self released this material long before it was trendy to do so. In many ways this new release "Suburban Metaphysical" is a more truthful presentation of what he was doing, what he was thinking and where he was going. "Suburban Metaphysical" is an imperfect recording. Some of the tracks were mixed to cassette tape so there are at times small audio glitches that are part and parcel of this collection of recordings. It is possible the master tapes could be revisited but while we listened to these songs, after 20 years, we decided that the audio quality was truly pretty good. Where these recordings were from and how they were made, glitches and all, helps tell the story of "Suburban Metaphysical."

These recordings are collected into Parts 1, 2 and 3. All available from Amazon.

Can be purchased and downloaded from Amazon.


The Theme Opera

An experimental opera involving a basic musical motif presented by several performing groups rehearsed over a period of 8 weeks. The performance involved 50 musical, acrobatic and vocal performers. Created along the lines of beat poetry. Justin Collins performed original and known beat poetry.

This video clip features John McIvor on guitar joined by ZEAL Theatre and then Justin Collins. 


Dean Parker and Mark Johnson recording coastal sounds for "The Theme Opera".


Talk Engine 

This project stems from the writing of poet Jackie Sheeler. This CD was recorded by the band in the Talk Engine studio and mixed at Sound and Music Construction.

Beating The Deuce  Something For Junior


Queen Esther 

I was fortunate enough to be in an unusual place at an unusual time and was given the opportunity to mix one track on this record. This track was recorded and mixed in a Lower East Side recording studio called Big Plate owned and operated by the late Luis Fernandez de la Reguera.

Find out about Queen Esther and buy the CD.

The Way Of The World


Vance Bradford

Vance took the thematic motifs in the film "The Cry" and made them urban and RAP.



Sean Attebury

Sean Attebury performer and songwriter graciously sings "New York New York" and one of his own "Underground".

New York New York  Underground


Baby Monroe 

Recorded in downtown New York at the late and great Harold Dessau Recording. Baby Monroe sings "Please You Now".

Please You Now


Captain Blood And The Imperial Scourge

This compact disk was produced in 1990 and contains ten tracks. An original recording from Newcastle Australia.

The songs are available for download at iTunes.

Here is a song from Captain Blood And The Imperial Scourge  The Sounds You Make In Bed

The compact disk is also available for purchase using PayPal.


Ill Rocket 

Ill Rocket made performances during 2004 and 2005 at some classic New York venues.

The Here After  Girl  With You

Live recordings from The Continental and CBGB New York City.


Dirty Stayouts 

Tom Rickell is the mastermind behind this record. The analog tape tones at the start of "Kick And Play" are part of my mixing folk lore.

Kick And Play


The Melody Refugees 

The Melody Refugees performed in pubs, clubs, colleges and parks. Sue Carson sings and plays mandolin and violin. Dean Parker sings and plays guitar. Live recordings from the Sea Breeze Hotel in New South Wales Australia.

Bird Made Of Stone  Honky Tonky Man


Mark Johnson

Pure free form from Mark Johnson on flute. One of the many great lessons Mark contributed to my musicology.

Flute and Synthesizer


Marella Jube

A band like to other. Burnt out long before the legend did. Mark Johnson leads this band. Mixed live at a pub in Newcastle, Australia.

Live At The Northern Star


John Ewbank 

From the halls of spectacular existence come the songs of John Ewbank. A master and teacher. This record co-produced by John and myself. It grows over time into its own splendid existence.

Song from the CD Every Angel Up In Heaven


Zeal Theater 

A spontaneous recording captures a band in a blossoming moment. Zeal Theater here.

The Bridge


Michelle Sable

We recorded and mixed 12 songs in one night as if it were the thing to do. And it was. "My Lover My Friend" reveals all that a song and a performance can be. Wonder what Michelle Sable is doing now?

My Lover My Friend


Sea Of Heartbreak 

Hometown version of a big town tune.

The Magnificent Seven