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Wired Science

PBS science series. Based on the magazine WIRED. Pilot episodes and series commenced October 2007. Dean Parker wrote music for several episodes.


Bounce: Behind The Velvet Rope

The film, directed by Steven Cantor and produced by Daniel Laikind, was the Winner of Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the 2000 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. It was released theatrically in 2001 and it currently airs on Showtime. Samantha Maloney composed the punk rock score. I wrote string and vocal compositions. I also mixed Samantha's loops from the Motley Crew song "Girls, Girls, Girls".

The DVD cover of "Bounce: Behind The Velvet Rope".

Music from the show  Juicy Fruit  Hug


NBC 75th Anniversary Special

Howard Shore was the musical director, Eric Stern conducted the orchestra and Sandra Park was the orchestra contractor. I was the conductor's assistant. A great experience that used 90 pieces of music from the NBC TV archives. There we no orchestral parts surviving for these TV themes so 15 arrangers and copyists lead by Tony Finno worked around the clock to create and transcribe new scores. We worked on the Saturday Night Live stage. An all star audience included Don Adams, Barbara Felden, Mr. T, Jerry Seinfeld, Sid Caesar, Melissa Gilbert, Jay Leno, David Letterman and Conan O'Brien.


Family Bonds

Debuting exclusively on HBO, the 10-part real-life series "Family Bonds" reveals the day-to-day dramas of this outrageous family, on the job and off, as they confront the unpredictable dangers of bounty hunting and the challenges of modern family life with resourcefulness, warmth and humor. Mike Diamond composed for the series. I had a couple of pieces used in the early episodes and I composed for the final episode of the series.

The Evangelista family from "Family Bonds".

Music from the show  Free Standing



Frank Sinatra, Mos Def, Willie Nelson, and Courtney Love are all among the group of musicians that have crossed-over from the musical realm into the world of acting. Crossover, a documentary made for The Independent Film Channel, examines this phenomenon. Among the twenty artists interviewed are Mos Def, Courtney Love, Willie Nelson, Jewel, Meat Loaf, Dwight Yoakum, and Gene Simmons. Directed by Steven Cantor and produced by Daniel Laikind, this film was the centerpiece of IFC’s week-long celebration, Indie Rocks, hosted by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I composed a rock score that at times had to reflect the style of music made by the artist interviewed.

Gene Simmons from "Crossover".

Music from the show  Ice  High School Sweetheart  Crossover The Band


The Green Room

This half-hour show made for Bravo takes viewers from the rehearsal room, to the technical period when design elements are incorporated into the process and on through to opening night. Viewers are taken on this journey through in-depth interviews with the full company, including Patrick Stewart and Frances Conroy, playwright Arthur Miller, and director David Esbjornson as they create "The Ride Down Mount Morgan" on Broadway. Co-directed by brother-sister team Steven and Carolyn Cantor, The Green Room provides a rarely seen look at the inner workings of the commercial theater. For this documentary I composed a theme centered around an urban New York beat, using electric guitar, bass and drums.

Music from the show  The Green Room



We begin our journey at the Ballycormac House, a 350-year-old farmhouse to trek through the lush countryside of Tipperary County. We’ll shop in Galway, play a game of Polocrosse, and visit Willie Leahy at the Dartfield Horse Museum. I composed an Irish theme for the sponsor of the show and had several pieces of music placed in the show itself.

Music from the show  Patrick Green  Fire Horse  Palanco  Side Trail