The Correspondence

Written by Tanya Krohn and directed by Dean Parker. Performed at the Society For Ethical Culture August 2010.

Dean Parker as the Man.

Dean Parker and Tanya Krohn in "The Correspondence."



An adaptation of "Fefu and Her Friend's" created by Jenny Rogers and Clove Galilee. Performed during January 2009 at 3LD on Greenwich Street downtown Manhattan. A complicated sound design that recreated the external and internal acoustics of a jetliner. The design also incorporated multi-track instrument parts pre-recorded by a rock band and performed by a live vocalist.

Some of the cast of Wickets from left Kristen Rozanski, Lee Eddy, Jessica Jolly and Jona Tuck. Photo by Yola Monakhov. The New Yorker, January 12th, 2009.

Sound designer's operation at 3LD Greenwich Street New York.

Speaker configuration at 3LD Greenwich Street New York 2009.


Theater Of The New Ear

2005 performances at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn, Royal Festival Hall in London and Royce Hall UCLA. This is a concert for music and text. It consists of one-act plays, "Sawbones" by Ethan and Joel Coen and "Hope Leaves the Theater" by Charlie Kaufman and "Anomalisa by Francis Fregoli. Carter Burwell composed music for all pieces. Dean Parker recorded the New York performances and was Assistant Sound Designer for "Anomalisa".

The show poster from St. Ann's Warehouse Brooklyn New York.

"Hope Leaves The Theater" actors Hope Davis, Peter Dinklage and Meryl Streep, and foley artist Marko Costanzo at lower left during rehearsals in New York. (Photo by Rebecca Sheehan.)

"Anomalisa" actors David Thewlis, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tom Noonan during rehearsals in New York.


Cara Lucia

Mabou Mines created this story about Lucia Joyce the daughter of James Joyce. Dean Parker's sound design was nominated for an American Theater Wing Design Award. Presented at HERE Space New York.

Ruth Maleczech as "Old Lucia".

Sound design cue sheet from "Cara Lucia".

"Cara Lucia" sound design speaker plan.

Sound design from the show  Lucia Bells  Hospital Chair  Hospital Bump


Walking To America

Produced at the 78th Street Theater Lab. Alberto Bonilla wrote and directed this play about a young boy who walks from Honduras to New York City.

Music from the show  Walking To America

Sound design from the show  City Palo


Ka Ka Karaoke

Directed by David Tirosh for the Williamsburg Arts Nexus in Brooklyn.

Music from the show  Ka Ka Karaoke


The Territory

Written by Tanya Krohn and produced by Groundplay at the 78th Street Theater Lab. New York 2005. Directed and composed by Dean Parker. In 2006 The Territory was produced by the Six Figures Theatre Company and directed by Cris Buchner.

Simon MacLean as "Mr. Billings" and Jennifer Lee Mitchell as "Jane". (Photo by David Gochfeld.)

The show postcard "The Territory".

Music from the show  The Territory  Heartland III  Harmony Alarms Jingle


Black Mary

Written by Julie Jansen and performed at the Sydney Street Theater Space. The story of a female Aboriginal bushranger.

Sound designs from the show  Night  Hotel Raid  Terra Gratis



Fat Elvis and the The Fat Elvis Show. Touring cabaret.

Chris Kelly as "Fat Elvis", Deb Kelly as "Priscilla" and Dean Parker as the "Music Director".

Music from the show  Viva Las Vegas



Tanya Krohn wrote and performed this one woman show that toured Fringe Festivals in the USA and Canada. Produced by Groundplay and directed by Sheila Bandyopadhyay.

Tanya Krohn as the "Hostess". (Photo by David Gochfeld.)

Music from the show  Lana's Theme  Bedouin Beat



Written by Nick Enright. This play was later made into a movie of same name. Dean Parker created sound and music.


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