Film music magazine says "The unsettling voice Parker displays over the THE CRY’s hypnotic 73 minutes definitely deserves to be heard again..."


"Credit must be given first and foremost to the set, lighting and sound designers Jenny Rogers, Burke Brown and Dean Parker, respectively, as the plane is rightly one of the stars of the show. It sounds like a plane, looks like a plane; it even smells like a plane."

Reviewed for By Lisa del Rosso


"...Dean Parker the enveloping sound design—a storm sequence is likely to induce passing queasiness."

Review for "Seen and Heard" by Robert Cashill


"Special note goes to Dean Parker for his imaginative music."

Jo Ann Rosen


"The music, composed by Dean Parker, is incredible and helps create the sinister mood of a mind slowly being lost."

Don Sumner (Best Horror Movies.)


"It's been a pleasure working with you! I look forward to working on the next film together."

Bernadine Santistevan film director.


“Thank you again for your energy and dedication – you are awesome!”

Janet Billig Rich Music Supervisor.


“Thanks for the terrific work!”

Ellen Raphael Producer PBS/KCET.



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